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The Best Places To Celebrate Children Birthday Party

 Best Places To Celebrate Children’s Birthday Party:

One of the most important dates of the year for children and parents is the celebration of their birthday, certainly a very special date since the whole family gathers to celebrate Children Birthday Party.

At Entre kids we leave you a list of the best places for you to celebrate your children birthday party in the most entertaining way and become a special day.

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Celebrate Child birthday Party in Mampato

Celebrating your children birthday party at the Mampato is fun assured for all guests. Entertaining mechanical games like bumpy autitos, or the different roller coasters will make the celebration a day full of laughter and incredible moments that will remain in everyone’s mind.

For that day, you can choose between two types of birthdays to celebrate this special event. Both just as entertaining and with many surprises!

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If you want to read more about the Mampato enter the “POST”  or you can press the activity button to learn more and book.

Celebrate Child birthday in Parapekes

If you celebrate your birthday in Parapekes, your son and his guests will have available 400 m2 of entertaining, consisting of slides, costumes, kitchenette and market, the fun climbing wall, cars and cars to tour the place, the wonderful ball pool and many elastic beds.

You can choose from four different children birthday party modes, such as healthy or disco. There will depend on the taste of the party and the parents.

You can press the activity button in Entrekids to view the themes and book.

Celebrate your Child birthday in Babarrún

Stay&Play Babarrún coffee also has the mode of celebrating birthdays. This house is completely adapted so that children can entertain themselves in their different games both indoors and outdoors. The celebration is completely personalized and you can have a lounge or the whole place. Find out by pressing the activity button to find more information about Babarún and the dates available to book and have a different children birthday party.

Celebrate Children’s birthday Party at Tom & Mali Houses’s

The Tom & Mali game room is ideal for your child and his guests to enjoy an entertaining afternoon on site. Its giant and endless maze will make the celebration an unforgettable day for everyone.

Press the activity button to learn more about the available dates and times.

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Celebrate Children birthday in Canopy Aguas de Ramón

Celebrating your child in Aguas de Ramón Park will be a very different experience than what is known as children’s birthdays. The experience we promise you will be amazing, breathing fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature on a Canopy route and fun arborism that will make all the guests and your little one remember forever.

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