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Places to celebrate a children’s birthday in Madrid

Best Places For Children’s Birthday Party in Madrid

If you’re already thinking about your child’s next birthday party in Madrid don’t limit yourself to a party at home with family, kids like outdoor activities with their friends and above all, surprises. Thinking about this, in we bring you a list of the best places to celebrate a birthday for children in Madrid so that you surprise them with the birthday they always dreamed of.

Here you will find different places like theme parks, outdoor group activities or combat games for children of different ages. With these recommendations the excitement and adventure will be part of your special day and will be stored in your memory.

Monkey Donkey – Vallehermoso

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday for children of the most fun and original and that also serves to stimulate creativity and teamwork, then cheer on the Street escape College of Magic prepared by Monkey Donkey.

It is the perfect plan to celebrate a birthday and spend super entertaining time in El Retiro de Madrid and with all the hygienic and security measures. The game is perfectly decorated and set in the Harry Potter universe where children will perform entertaining physical tests, puzzles, didactic games, treasure hunt, experiments, puzzles and meet magical characters⁣⁣⁣.

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For groups of at least 8 children between 8 and 13 years old, divided into groups of 5 people maximum and always accompanied by a monitor – magic teacher, has a cost of 25 euros per child and a duration of 3 hours where the children will live a magical experience and do not stop having fun. Access their website to contact them and book. The Hogwarts Express is waiting for you!

Aventurico Madrid – Fuente del Berro

Thinking about celebrating a fun and original birthday? So, there’s nothing like a children’s escape room in Madrid! A venturico is an escape room for adults and children where you will find 3 super fun themed games: Alice in Wonderland, where you must find the time thief who has turned upside down the whole country; Academy of magic, where you must create the philosopher’s stone to restore the balance between good and evil; and Alicia Kids, for the little ones, where you must solve the riddles that inhabit the forest of this fantastic country.

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Alice in Wonderland is an ideal escape room for 4 to 10 people; Magic Academy, on the other hand, is designed for groups of 3 to 6 people; finally, Alicia Kids is for 3 to 8 players. You will love it!

Virtual Recall Place to Celebrate Birthday Party In Madrid

Virtual Recall specializes in Virtual Reality for the whole family. Located in Arganda del Rey, it offers a wide variety of experiences where you canfeel, touch and live amazing adventures. They have a team of experts who will guide the little ones to enjoy the different virtual tours to the fullest.
The most impressive adventures you can live on the planet tailored to the most demanding birthdays in these issues. A perfect place for children and adults to enjoy the intensity and fun of the most impressive technology : virtual reality.

Skate Fun Skate School Place to Celebrate Birthday Party In Madrid

Skate Fun is without a doubt the best Skatepark Indoor and skate school in Madrid.
It is ideal for children, this is its center,650 m2 of ship where you will learn all the techniques of skateboarding by expert monitors. You will find on their ramps all the progressiveness, method and security they need to learn and advance with confidence, plus the first class is free! You just have to book it on their website and, if they don’t have material, they will leave everything there.
In addition, both parents and children can enjoy the best views of the skatepark from their surf terrace with soft drinks and drinks.

Adventure Amazonia Pelayos

If your child likes adventures in natural parks, another of the best places to celebrate a birthday for children in Madrid is the Adventure Park Amazonia Pelayos has circuits between trees and nature, at different heights adapting to the age of your children. This park is located next to the San Juan Swamp.

For the little ones have the kid area, with 14 areas including: Balancines, steps, ziplines, barrels, horizontal stairs and more. It has a height of 1.8 meters and you can accompany them. Then there are the scout circuit (2.5 meters) and Jungle (3.5 meters). In this park you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children, as they have sophisticated equipment that guarantees that your children will be protected.

City Kids (C.C. Heron Diversi)

City Kids is a children’s park in Alcobendas where you can spend hours of fun with the various activities it offers. Its areas are 1,000 square meters in size. To celebrate your child’s birthday you can contact them and book, offer promotions according to the date that may include cake, chuches, soft drinks and invitations.

But you can also opt for monitors, face paints, parent menu or customize your party. Among the games your kids can find are: trampolis, special cups, inflatables, ball park, crazy cars and much more.

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure is a theme park for children where they offer activities such as parachute games, football with teams, sack race, dancing with Captain Bartólo and much more. Your facilities have ball area, slides, scalable walls and your kids won’t get tired of the variety they’ll find.
Pirate Adventure is a good option to plan your little one’s birthday, offers birthday packs including: cake,2 snacks, hostd is guised, a chuches cone for each child and a gift pirate card, you can also opt for face paint or tattoos.

Ocius Park Place to Celebrate Birthday Party In Madrid

Ocius Park is a multi-adventure park that offers many games for children from 9 years old. It is located in Colmenar Viejo and has an area of 450,000 square meters. If you want to give your child an unforgettable birthday this park is an excellent option.

Among the activities for children are the lazer kid, the airsoft, Bubble Soccer and yellow humor test (a challenge game). To offer you a better service and plan a birthday that suits the age of the little one, divide the activities into two groups from 9 to 13 years old and from 14 to 18 yearsold.

Funda land Place to Celebrate Birthday Party In Madrid

Funda land is another place to celebrate a birthday for children in birthday party in  Madrid. It is located in Madrid, specifically in Monte carmelo, it is an educational leisure park that through activities and fun teaches your children values necessary to face the world. It has a plot of 6,500 square meters and your children can enjoy hours of fun with their friends.

This park is an excellent place to celebrate your child’s birthday party in madrid, offering 4 different packs for parties of children from 3 to 14 years old. You can choose the one you like the most and plan a different birthday, outdoors and full of activities that your children will surely enjoy.

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