Outdoor Birthday Party

Outdoor Birthday Party Decoration

Outdoor Birthday Party Decoration ideas

The cute, hottest and longest days have arrived, and with them the outdoor celebrations, be it birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, and all kinds of New Year’s Eve events. Today we have decided to dedicate the post to show you beautiful and original ideas to decorate outdoor birthday party.

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The atmosphere and decoration of a party is always important whatever the reason for the celebration. Today we show you many ideas so that you can ambience the place chosen for the birthday party in a totally original and modern way.

Decorate the Cake Table Outdoor Idea

If the birthday girl is baby, the following image can be a very good option to decorate the cake table. You can place different types of treats and snacks, as well as sweet cakes, and decorate it as you like. In this case it has a structure with balloons, and the white and pink colors were chosen.

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The cake table  even if the birthday  is  outdoors and   you decide to  do  something  half casual, without tables to sit down to eat, you can  not  miss. To  support  the cake and  have  a  place  where  the birthday boy/a  blows  the  candles.

Then, in  the  image  below, a  very  good idea to  decorate  the food tables  for your guests. Labeling  each  dish  with original   posters,  according to  what it  contains, and the  ingredients  with which each  meal  presented  was    prepared.

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As for  children’s   birthdays, there are many extremely    original   and fun  ideas for you to  have a  great  time at the birthday party!. 

A   super fun    game,  where  you pass through a  rope  many  doughnuts that can  turn  the time of food  into something super fun,  with  some   game that you can think  of.

You can also choose  a beach theme  if  you decide to celebrate the birthday    in  the summer season, and place  all the snacks inside beach   buckets,  with sticks  for  the guests  to  serve.

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You can also  organize  games  with  water,  bubbles   and foam that the little  ones  love  !.

Children’s    carpals are  very  fashionable,  where  you    can  place cushions  and blankets, to picnic and different games too!.  

More ideas to decorate birthdays outdoors! 

If the birthday party, on  the  other hand  it is from an adult,  there are other ideas  to decorate that are    more serious and very  beautiful,  see   the pictures  below!.

If you    want  to  create  a  rustic   style,  setting  a field, or fifth  house to celebrate  your  birthday  party,  you can place wooden planks, with chairs also  of  this  same  material, and decorate them  with  drawers that are easily    obtained  in   the verduleri as  for  example. You can  paint them  and varnish them the  same color   as the table and  chairs, and  place  inside   them   your  favorite  flowers.

Hanging decorations Outdoor Birthday Party

They are  also a nice  choice, especially  for fifteen-year-old  birthday   girls. You can make  giant  colorful  flowers  or   in  the  same  shade  to  decorate  the  whole  atmosphere  chosen  to  celebrate  the  birthday.

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For   centerpieces there  are many original  ideas,  easy  to  make  and extremely   economical. The easiest  thing  to  do  is with  canned   jars. Recycling is  always a  very  good  option,not only to  do  something  easy  and  economical,  but  because  we  are  also  helping  to  conserve  our  environment. In addition,  your guests can  take them as   a souvenir of the party.

  You can place   different    types  of flowers  inside the  jars, decorate them as you  like, lining them with fabrics,  ribbons,  bows,  bows, buns,  or painting them as you can  think of according to the  theme of the party.

The Yankee  style  really  likes   children-  You can  make  cones with fries,  pochoclos and   all  kinds  of snacks,  presented  at  a  table  decorated  with the  same  motif.  

Following the idea of table  centers  made with recycled materials  that we   mentioned above,  you  can  also  use  in addition to canned jars,    glass  bottles. The shape is the  same  and  you can  decorate them  in the  same   way as the  jars.

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The next  idea is one of my  favorites. You can  place on a frame, or a window,  or just a  rectangle  that you  make  yourself with woods,  threads with skewers,  where  each  guest  can  place  a  message  for  the birthday boy in his  day.   You  can  also  place  images  of the  birthday girl, or a  very  good idea is also if you have a   photo camera  of  instant  reveal, it is  every  time a  new guest arrives,  take  a  photo along  with the birthday boy  and  hang them there so that it is  later  as a  memory of that special day.

For Disney fans Outdoor Birthday Party

a birthday party set entirely with  the  theme of Mickey mouse and Minnie. Each  centerpiece,  plate,  and  glass, labeled with decorations  with the logo.

   For the little  ones, a  very  good  idea is  to  place a clothes  rack with  costumes, and a sector  delimited   with some carpet or eva rubber   base, so that  they can dress up and play  to  make plays  for  expectants!. It is  a  very  good  way to entertain the  guests and  make  everyone    interact  and  integrate  into  the party in a  very  fun  way.

Then a  slightly  more camper a theme, rock, with grass    bales, and an ideal decoration for an outdoor  birthday  party   in the countryside.

Children’s  birthday  parties  outdoors! 

When night   falls,  your guests can’t    be  left in the   dark. A  very  nice and original idea is  to hang  from the branches   of the trees spotlights like  the ones   shown  in    the image  below!.

Create unique  atmospheres, so  that  your birthday  party is unforgettable for  both  you and  the guests. The garlands  and pendant decorations,  colorful, with  flowers, and lights can  not  be missing!.

Now there is no  excuse, you don’t  need  to hire a     decorator  or  spend  large sums  of money  to decorate a birthday  party. With  imagination  and the  help of the ideas  that  we show you today, you can    create  the ideal setting for an outdoor birthday  party  without  a  doubt  unforgettable!.

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