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Ideas of places to celebrate children’s birthday

Top 13 Places to Celebrate Children’s Birthday

Our   children’s  birthday  is  undoubtedly a  very  special  occasion.  It’s   a day we  all  want  you  to remember fondly.  Luckily, the  chances when it comes to hosting a  birthday  party are  so wide  that  we  will  always have   an  original and fun  option within  reach. Whether     in   nature,  in   a  leisure  center  or  even in  an  amusement park. Ideas  for  all  tastes and for    all  pockets.

To help you  with the  preparation  of  this  magical    moment,  we  offer  you a selection of places    to  celebrate  a  birthday that you  will  never forget. Can you imagine  choosing  each  year  one of  them?

Celebrate Children’s Birthday In the  Park

If the weather accompanies,    celebrating  an  outdoor  birthday  is one of the  best  possible   options. Children    will enjoy  contact  with  nature,  pure  air and the sun. They’ll    have room to  run  and  play in freedom. In   addition,  you  can  organize  with  them endless  games  and activities  that  will  guarantee  the fun.

The party is  usually  easy   to organize and the  cost  savings    are going  to  be more  than  obvious  for  your  pocket. You  can  organize  a picnic  snack  taking advantage of the    picnic  areas of the   park,  if you  have  them.

It is usually  allowed  to  hold   such  parties   in  public    parks. However,  in  some  cities it is  necessary  to  ask  for a permit,  so  we recommend that you  consult  with your  city  council  the  regulations in this  regard.

And, of course, don’t    always  forget  to  take care of  the  environment and leave    everything  clean after the party.

At the zoo

A zoo  is  one of the  most  special  places  to   celebrate  a  birthday. Children  will   enjoy  contact  with  nature  and,   above  all, their favorite  animals.

Most  zoos,  such as   the Madrid Zoo,  Faunia  or barcelona Zoo,  have   special  offers  for the celebration of these  types  of   events. They usually     offer  a    guided  tour  and educational activities that children    will enjoy  while  learning  curiosities    about their favorite animals. In addition,  they offer adapted  menus. Usually, there are a  certain  number   of  adults  that you can access  for  free   to  accompany the  children.

Celebrate Children’s Birthday In Madrid Segway

From its  shop  in el Retiro Park,  Madrid Segway  has all   kinds    of  vehicles. From       go-karts,  bicycles,  electric scooters and e bikes, to guided Segway  tours, so you  can enjoy a safe, clean and    fun  way  of the best  park  in Madrid:  El  Retiro Park.

  • Karts and bicycles  range  from  3 to 99 years old. Its  price  ranges  from 5 to 12 euros/hour,  depending on  the  model  and  whether  you want for 1 person or 2 people.
  • Electric scooters,   e bikes are  10 euros/hour
  • Guided   Segway tours of El Retiro Park  are25 euros/hour.

In an Escape Room

Escape games  are another of  the  original  possibilities  to  celebrate  your   children’s     birthday. They  offer activities full of  surprises  with  which children  will  not  have a single  moment  of  boredom. They  will  have  to  pass  all  kinds of tests,   such as riddles,  puzzles  or  riddles in order  to   leave  the  room. They are     usually   didactic  activities, so you will also learn  while having fun. And they  will  test  your  imagination  and creativity!

This type  of room   usually  also  offers  menus  adapted   for this  type  of  celebrations. Imagine  how well you  have  to sit  blowing  out  the  candles  after  you’ve    achieved  the  goal.

In a  children’s   leisure  center

Without a doubt,  the  preferred option  of the  little  ones  is a  children’s  leisure   center. Ball pools,  bouncy castles  or  trampolines  are  some  of  the  usual  facilities  they offer for children to have fun together with their friends. The  options   you  can find are as  varied as possible. Some  offer  the  service of a monitor that  always  accompanies   children. Others  choose  to offer  them  freedom  at  game  time.

Either   way,  fun  activities will  accompany  you    throughout    the  celebration. From  face paints   to   costume workshops  and  even nightclubs.   All    accompanied  by a snack together  with friends and a fun    gift  delivery.

On the Beach

If you  are lucky enough to  live  near the sea or  are  on  vacation, the beach is a  magical  place  to celebrate any    birthday. The  fun of the children  is  assured  with the waves and sand, in addition to  the multiple  games  that you  can    organize.

Being outdoors,  it is  the  perfect  occasion  to  organize  a picnic and  blow  out the  candles    taking  advantage  of the time  of  sunset.

Celebrate Children’s Birthday On a  go-kart circuit

If your  kids  like  cars  and  speed,   this place  will  love   it. They will  be able  to become real   racers    for a day    and    feel  the adrenaline drift at every  turn    of  the  circuit. In addition,  they will enjoy  the  competition and stimulate  their  spirit  of  improvement. The children’s circuit  is    usually  separated  from  that  of   adults  and has  all  the  safety  measures.

These centers  usually    offer  special  prices for birthday  celebrations, as  well    as  different menus   for snacks.

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At a  theme  park

One option  that  will   make this day  unforgettable  for  children  is  to  hold  the celebration  in   an  amusement  park. Without  a  doubt,    the most  fun   place where you  will spend an unforgettable  day. Shows,  music, lights and endless     attractions.

Most parks  offer  deals    so  you can  celebrate  your  birthday  with   them.  They    usually   include access  to  all  attractions  and  a  snack menu for children to enjoy  and relax with their friends. Among  others, the  Madrid Amusement   Park, the  Tibidabo  or Warner Park offer  us  this  possibility    to  celebrate  a  unique  birthday.

In a Paintball

In these  leisure  spaces  you  can  celebrate  your     children’s  birthday  in   a  natural environment,    while releasing  adrenaline  and  having fun in a  healthy  way. They’ll  have a  great  time forming   the  teams and competing  with the paint  battle.

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In addition,  obstacle  races  and  strategy  games   will put  the brooch   to  a  very  original and  fun  birthday.

The  equipment  provides    it in the center    and the paint is  completely  soluble  in  water. So you won’t  even  have to worry about   stains  on  your  clothes.

In the pool

Another idea that has the  success  assured    is  to  celebrate  the  birthday  in the pool. In addition,  they  will  also  enjoy the outdoors and the sun,  having  fun  while  recharging  vitamin D.

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A few balloons,  a picnic  and  your  imagination  is  all  you’ll   need to  make  your birthday  party unforgettable.

In the movies

Most cinemas   also  offer  the  possibility   to  celebrate  birthdays.   It is  a  quieter  option,   in which children  will  enjoy a  good movie   in  the  company of their friends. Mean while, a  tank  of  popcorn  and  liters  of  soda. And, to  finish,  snack, games  and blow  out the  candles    in  company.

Celebrating Children’s Birthday In the Garden

If you have a  garden, you  have  everything  you  need  to  organize  a  spectacular  birthday  for  your  child. Use  your  imagination to  decorate  it  and  create  a  special  atmosphere. Kids  will  have  fun of the cute    playing and  running  with  their friends.

Depending on  your  pocket,  a  wonderful  range  of  possibilities  opens  up. You  can  prepare  the food yourself or    hire  a  delicious   catering service. Can  you  even rent    an  inflatable  castle for kids    to enjoy  like  crazy. Hire a  clown  or  do  it  yourself?  Overall,  this is  a  place from  which  you will  get  an  incredible  profit.

At the  bowling alley

One activity   that  always amuses  both  children  and  adults is    bowling. It is  a  very  good opportunity to have  a  fun  time  with family or friends. And, of  course,  it’s  also  a  very  good  option  to  celebrate  a children’s  birthday  differently.

The bowling  alleys offer facilities for the little ones  to  play smoothly, such as side barriers   to prevent them from moving the ball   a lot.

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