birthday parties in the park

Ideas for birthday parties in the park

Top Ideas for Birthday Parties in the Park

We come up with new idea of celebrating birthday parties in the park. The idea of well-known ball parks sounds great, but not everyone can or wants to spend that much money. Therefore, there are other alternatives that can surprise both your children and all the friends you have invited to what will undoubtedly be your best birthday.

In addition, you will save some money since many ball parks end up offering you different packs, which increase their price and end up spending more money than you could afford, almost without realizing it.

Sometimes we think that a good alternative to these ball parks is your own home. However, you conclude that it is too small or there is not enough space for all children and parents. That’s why you need a larger space where everyone is comfortable and can enjoy a fun afternoon on your child’s birthday.

The Great alternative: Birthday Parties in the Park

The vast majority of children love spending the day in the park. I’m sure they’ll like the idea. In addition, all parents will probably feel more comfortable. Parks are public places, and whether larger or smaller, you’ll have one very close to home.

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The idea of celebrating birthday parties in the park can take away more than one headache, because you can talk to the parents of the other children and offer them the idea of carrying different dishes. Of course, the organization is much simpler than you imagine and you can get a big birthday with very little.

Here are some clues to make it an original and fun birthday:

  1. Date and place: if you decide to celebrate the birthday in summer, it would be advisable to do so late in the afternoon avoiding the strongest hours of heat. It is best to do so at the end of classes or on the weekend, as most parents will have more free time.Try to choose a park near your child’s school, which is spacious, so that you can delimit the area with small flags. This will make all parents better find the chosen place and you can have more control over the children.
  2. Guests: one of the most important things on a birthday is the guests. By celebrating in the park, you can invite as many parents and children as you want. Space problems are minimal, so take advantage.Not all tasks have to be done by you, as parents of the birthday boy, as your child can also collaborate if he wants it to be a completely chachi birthday. He himself can make his own invitations with some colored cardboard. A few markers and a little imagination will suffice. I’m sure they’ll be very, very original.
  3. Decoration: Buy some decorative elements like garlands, streamers or balloons. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, because a little bit of everything will suffice.Remember that it attracts more attention somewhat little recharged but original than many decorative elements together that can become dazed.

Your little one can also prepare some original ornaments that you have learned at school and among the three you can prepare a homemade and very fun piñata. Grab a cardboard box and trim it so your child can draw on it, for example, to his favorite cartoon. Afterwards, remember to put mutts and candies of all flavors so you can enjoy it with your friends You will love it!

  1. Catering: Let’s eat! Do not worry if there are no tables in the area of the park that you have chosen, it is enough to carry a folding table or use a bench in the park to place all the food.

But what are the best options? It seems complicated, but it’s not really complicated. It will be enough to prepare some sandwiches and sandwiches for the little ones and some typical dishes such as omelette or croquettes for the elderly.

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In addition, you can buy a few bags of nuts and potatoes for the previous pecking. Before the big dessert, you can offer plastic trays with different chopped fruits.

Where’s the cake? Of course. Something as must-have as cake can’t be missing on your son’s birthday. In addition, you can prepare at home some original bags with sucks or biscuits to distribute to the other children.

  1. Games: If you celebrate your birthday in summer and it’s very hot, you can propose to the little ones to throw a fun water party with balloons or guns. I’m sure both children and adults will have a great time.But don’t worry, there are thousands of games that you can organize at other times of the year to have fun. Sack racing or the handkerchief game will be the perfect excuses for the little ones to keep playing.Read More: Teen Birthday Party Ideas

At the end of the birthday, it is important to collect everything and deposit everything in its corresponding container. Respecting green areas is the main task.

And now, to enjoy the birthday!

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