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Children’s Parties: Ideas for Outdoor Parties

Ideas for Outdoor children’s Parties

Now that the good weather starts we can take the opportunity to organize the birthday children’s parties of the little ones outdoors, they have a great time playing and running in the sun! Today we bring you a lot of ideas for outdoor children’s parties that will inspire you for your next themed  birthday.

We’ll see ideas for children’s pirate parties, firefighters, Indians and cowboys, fishing! We have them for everyone, so surely you will find the perfect theme for your little one and his friends to have a lot of fun Are we going to take a look at these children’s parties?

Outdoor children’s parties, pirate parties

We like to show you good ideas for your children’s parties, such as preparing sweet tables, the most original cakes,the decoration oriented to a theme… but today we wanted to go a little further by seeing the possibilities of fun that our kids can experience at an outdoor party.

At this pirate party we see that the tables have become ships to hide wonderful treasures. An invitation to imagine thousands of adventures.

In this pirate party have organized a few activities taking advantage in good weather and open space. In the image we can see a fight between two pirate ships, life and death! Achieving this setting is very simple: boats are made of cardboard, and cannonballs are nothing but black water balloons. With a few bandanas and patches, the little ones will transform into pirates as if by magic.

Another very fun activity is the game of “walking on the plank” that we have seen in the first image (the first photo also belongs to this party, you can see it complete in sweeten your day events). To emulate this traditional pirate practice you only need a small inflatable pool, a wooden plank and two cubes that we will put on both sides to hold the plank. Small pirates must get past each other without getting wet.

Children’s parties outdoors, firefighters

If you have little heroes at home, they’ll love this fire  party. Taking advantage of the party being outdoors, we can organize many activities for our intrepid firefighters, as we see in this photo where several fire trucks are called to put out a fire. To make the trucks, a few cardboard boxes and colored papers will suffice.

We can also propose activities with water that always have a lot of fun for them, such as putting out small fires (which we will do with cardboard and we can place in different parts of the park) or rescue disabled kittens climbed into the trees.

Outdoor children’s parties, Indians and cowboys

Another very good idea for adventurers is to organize an Indian themed party. The decoration of this outdoor party seems very simple and at the same time very accomplished, earth colors and natural fabrics, wood, feathers….if I seem to be in the far west!

Kids will be able to have fun transforming into Indians simply with a feather headband, although a great idea to complete the illusion is to propose the game of painting their faces they will love it!

What a beautiful Indian! But what about the cowboys? In this festival of Indians and cowboys  a perfect atmosphere has been achieved thanks to a few tipis. We recently told you about them and gave you a few ideas of  homemade tipis with tutorials,so you liked this idea you have half work done.

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Children’s parties outdoors, fishing

I loved this party: for the original and fun and for the choice of colors achieving a very fun and elegant decoration. Again, taking advantage of the open space at this fishing party, many activities have been organized for the little ones to play and have fun. A good idea is to set up a cardboard fishing boat like the one we see in the photo, with its waves included, which will also serve as photo call.

There are many fishing games to organize for those little sailors. Such as “take the bait”. All we need is a stick or branch, rope or cord and a few shots. The grace of the game is to take the “hook” without using your hands. The next game is about throwing a ball into a jar with a fish. Whoever manages to put the pin pong ball inside the jar gets the win.

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Children parties outdoors, picnic parties

We can also opt for a party where the theme is quieter, such as a picnic. It is also an activity that children like very much and also adapts to older guests. At this  picnic party a great atmosphere has been achieved thanks to the frame fabrics, the colors so vivid and the reels. Definitely a simple but very nice décor. If you click on the link under the photo you will be able to see different activities that these parents organized for the little ones, such as throwing the ball or drilling balloons.

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