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5 ideas to organize a children’s party outdoors

Ideas to Organize a Children’s Birthday Party outdoor

Now that  the  good  weather is coming, hosting  an  outdoor children’s party is a great plan. If  we  have children born in  the spring and summer months, a birthday in the park and  outdoors is   the best idea for both children and adults to have a pleasant and fun time.

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The organization is simpler, with  few  decorative  party elements,  you  can  have  a  very  nice   birthday. In addition, the  space  is  always spacious and, also important, free!

If you  want  to organize an outdoor birthday without  going  on  budget  and do not know where  to  start,  here are  5  tips  that  will help you to organize  outdoor children’s party :

1. Choose  a  place to organize outdoor children’s party

The great  thing about outdoor  children’s   parties is that any    park,  terrace or  square  can  serve as  a  meeting   place.

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As the day is  already beginning  to  drag on and there  are  more hours of light,  we  advise you  to  organize  your  party  in the afternoon  hours,  when the sun does not tighten so  much. If  you can  choose  a  place  with better trees, so there   will always  be the  most collected    party,  you will have  support  to  hang  the  decorations and  whoever   wants  will  have  shade.

The parks  are  ideal  because it doesn’t take much more than there is for  children  to have fun,  but a square or  terrace  can  also  serve.

2. The decoration

Decoration is  an important  point  at  birthday  parties. It    depends  on  creating    a beautiful and   cozy  space  where  all guests  feel at ease.

At the outdoor parties,   if   we  have     trees  nearby,   with a few garland-shaped balloons or  flags  we will  have  the  space  delimited and give  it  a touch of  color. It  is  easy  to garland  with  remnants of   clothes  or  paper  that  we have  at  home, of  different  colors  and  prints. It  won’t  cost us  money and the result  will  look  nice and current.

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To arrange food and drinks  we  can  opt  for tables  or    also  picnic blankets on  the  floor    and set  up  a  small  picnic for  children. Colorful   dishes,  themed  according to the  preferences    of the  child,  some cushions, balloons  and  flowers  that  they can  collect   themselves  will  give you  a  festive   air.

3. Food in Outdoor children’s party

we  want  to help promote healthy habits  in  children. And  this  starts  by  banishing a little that at  parties  you have to always  offer   potato chips and soft  drinks. In  countries   like  Germany,  as  our  germanic   Chronicles friend told us, at children’s  parties there  is   healthy   food and  children  are  delighted.

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A few sandwiches, some well-cut     fruit (strawberries,   watermelon, apple…),  peeled  carrots, hummus… it  can be a healthy  birthday  snack  and you like  it. And a  colophon, a cake!

4.  Animation  and activities

Although a  park  is  enough  to  keep kids entertained  during a    birthday  party,  it’s  okay  to  plan  some  extra  activity. If  we  want  to  hire  some  party animation  service, a face paint, a  magician  or giant soap   bubbles are  always a hit with    children.

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If we want  to  organize it ourselves,  lifelong   games   are  easy to organize  and    do not go out  of  style. Generation  after  generation  continue  to enjoy  them  as  we  did: the  scarf   game,  sack racing, transporting   an egg with a  spoon,  catching  apples from a  sweeper… I’m   sure you’ve    played  before, haven’t you? Many  times  we  don’t    remember  them, but  they   are  simple options and they will  love them.

5. The gift

When we  are invited  to a children’s birthday party,  the same  dilemma  always arises.  We always  think of something  that does not  have, special for the  boy  or  girl, that does not occupy  them  much  at  home, that they can use  it for a  long  time and that  is  educational. At  Super  Prota we  took  all  this  into  account when creating our personalized  stories.

Thus,  to give away  a  personalized story Super  Prota  is to make  an  educational gift, which  encourages    the family bond and with which the  child  will  feel  very  special. He  and only  he  is the  protagonist  of  his  story! Because… what child  wouldn’t  like  to  be  the protagonist of his own adventure? 

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