Kids Birthday Party At Home

12 Tips To Organize Kids Birthday Party At Home

Kids Birthday Party At Home

How to organize a Kids Birthday Party At Home? Is your child about to celebrate this special day? Preparing a children’s birthday is much easier than most parents think.

The best thing is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. To that you must add the illusion that it will make to the child, especially if you involve him in all the preparations. So go stress and enjoy butt organizing the party with the birthday boy! Take note because we give you the best tips to make the event a success.

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Organizing a birthday party for children at home, fun and original, is possible. Just follow these simple directions below.

The main thing is that you don’t get tired and stressed at the time of the celebration. To do this it is very important to prepare everything well in advance and find someone to help you. Who better than the protagonist of the event himself? Let yourself be advised by the birthday boy. He better than anyone knows the tastes of his guests!

Here are the top 12 tips for hosting or Organize Kids Birthday Party At Home

  1. The child should always be the protagonist

What to remember before you start throwing a birthday party for children at home is that the celebration is for the little one who turns one. The goal is to make that day one of the most special of the year.  How? Getting him to have fun in the company of his best friends.

If it’s still small, it may be enough to invite some classmates or keep home and arrange a special snack. To find out how to entertain them, you can check out our selection of games for children from 2 to 4 years old. Prepare everything in advance.

And as an afternoon cherry, it offers the little ones a  chocolate cake (everyone likes it).

Another fundamental guideline is never to forget to ask the child how he would like to celebrate his birthday. Maybe I’ll surprise you and just want to invite two soul friends to sleep at home.

If on the contrary your desire is a birthday party for children in mass home, it is not always necessary to hire children’s party animator. Celebrating birthday without animators is possible without having to spend a fortune. Decide with the child which games  they  will play, the type of cake, the music… Organizing the party can be a fun way to enjoy some time together.  

2. Choose the right day for the children’s birthday party at home

Is your son going to school yet? Is he still in day care? Even if his birthday falls on Thursday, it may not be the best idea to celebrate it on weekdays. Not only the protagonist of the birthday, but also the guests, will be exhausted. After a school day or day of storage, they may not have enough energy and are more difficult to control to organize games and activities for children.

What about the weekend? On Saturdays they are usually ideal for celebrating birthday parties for children at home. Everyone will be more rested, even the parents! Besides, there are no classes the next day. It’s important to remember to let guests know in advance to avoid other commitments. Ask them to confirm their attendance at the event. 

3. Think of a theme for the birthday party

Kids love to dress up, how about you don’t wait for carnival or Halloween to arrive? You can let free rein to the imagination of each of the little ones or choose a theme. Indians? Jeans? Animals?

Don’t forget that in addition to the costumes, when you choose to throw a themed party for children,all the decoration should follow the same line.

4. Prepare the necessary materials for a children’s birthday party at home

Don’t forget to make a list of everything you need! It is an essential step when organizing a  children’s birthday party. It will help you not only not to forget anything, but to take away a lot of stress. There’s no better improvisation than the one that doesn’t exist! Therefore, buy all materials in advance.

Grab pencil and paper so you don’t miss any details:

  • Adhesive tape and thread to glue ornaments and balloons.
  • Shovel to serve the cake and a knife to cut it.
  • Bowls of various sizes to serve fries and popcorn.
  • Tablecloth (on paper, plastic or even a cloth tablecloth you have at home).
  • Rolls of kitchen paper (for drinks that will inevitably spill on the floor).
  • Plastic cups. Tip: Mark children’s names with an indelible marker on the glasses. This way you’ll avoid running out of glasses, they’ll know they can keep it throughout the party.
  • Disposable plates. You can find them in large areas or supermarkets, on paper or in plastic.
  • Colorful napkins (if you find the whole set to match – tablecloth, napkins and bowls – can be a fantastic choice. Ask the child what their favorite cartoon or superhero is). It is easy to find themed sets to decorate tables in  supermarkets. In addition, the price is usually economical.
  • Garbage bags for throwing dishes, glasses, plastics, napkins… at the end of the party.
  1. Choose where you’ll hold the children’s birthday party at home, at yours?

Deciding where it will be partying is critical to hosting a birthday party for children at home. Do you live in an urbanization with a garden? On a low floor with a patio? On a floor with a large terrace? Or do you have a public park right next to your portal?

If your birthday is in summer, celebrating outdoors is a great option. Go out to the garden if you have a space in the urbanization or if you have a patio. You can read our selection of outdoor children’s games for parties. You’ll find a lot of ideas. The kids will have a great time!

If, on the other hand, you do not have any open space at home or time does not accompany, you can always celebrate it inside. When children are young, it’s easy for everything to work out if the guests aren’t many (between 6 and 8). When it comes to older children, who don’t need their parents’ presence, a birthday party at home is one of the most economical solutions. Besides, if your house is too small, you can ask grandparents, uncles or friends if they give you theirs. They will only access if you promise to clean and leave the floor in perfect condition. 

  1. Buy or make birthday invitations with the child

After deciding where, when and even with what theme to celebrate the birthday party for children at home, it’s time for invitations. These small cardboard or cardboard cards are essential for inviting friends. Instead of buying the classic stationery invitations, we suggest you make room for your child’s imagination. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out our selection of original Halloween invitations. You will find fantastic ideas that can adapt to any celebration.

Another option is to download invitation cards online and then customize them with drawings, decals or glitter. The invitation can become a fun monster or a beautiful flower, like these we’ve found on Pinterest. 

What to write on birthday invitations? In addition to the start time, it is also useful to specify what time the party will end or at least what time the cake candles will blow. In this way, the parents of the guests will be organized in the best possible way. Do you prefer parents to stay throughout the party? Or leave the children and come back for them at the end? Is there a guest brother or not? Specify it in the invitation to avoid last-minute surprises (you might encounter three times as many people at home as you expected).

Ask them to confirm attendance at the birthday party. Only then will you be able to calculate the amount of food for the buffet and which games for children at home are the best depending on the number of participants.

  1. Create the right environment with balloons and music

How to decorate a birthday party for kids at home? Garlands, ornaments and colorful balloons are important to immediately create the party atmosphere. They will also be very useful for entertaining children and filling downtime between game. Even elementary school kids still have fun with balloons. Remember to have duct tape and thread to quickly attach the balloons to the walls. Keep in mind that this task will take some time.

If you want to find ideas to inspire you, you can read our selection of ideas for having a Halloween party at home. You will find a lot of tricks to decorate the event, which can be adapted to any other time of year. 

Don’t forget the music! You can’t miss any children’s birthday parties! You and the child can make a list of your favorite songs, the musical themes will make the little ones dance. You’ll only need a few speakers to connect to your phone or tablet. In addition to creating the right atmosphere, the music will be used to organize music and movement games for children. The best example is  limbo, which always succeeds in children’s parties for all ages.

  1. Prepare the buffet for the children’s birthday party

And we got to the buffet. What to prepare snack for children on birthdays? Children usually eat very little at parties because they are looking to have a good time and just to sit still. It involves the birthday boy in choosing the snack: his favorite dessert, the sandwiches he likes the most. Mini pizzas, doughnuts and half-nights filled are always a guaranteed success. You can also make delicious crepes and create a corner where small guests fill them with jam, chocolate syrup or other ingredients. If you need some ideas for the buffet, check out our kids snacks post. 

  1. Choose a simple but original cake

Cake can be a big challenge. Especially considering what it can cost. Birthday cakes decorated with sugar paste are raging in recent years because you can choose a custom design for the child.

However, you can opt for something original and less expensive. Something as simple as making the cake cake in the form of a number, can offer you many options. Then fill the cake with chocolate, cream or truffle. I’m sure all kids like homemade birthday cake.

It’s important to buy some amazing candles. How about the ones with flares included? The little ones will be stunned when they see the birthday party cake.


  1. Organize the best games for the birthday party for children at home

As you may have seen, we have already been giving you several ideas throughout the article. Organizing a birthday party for children at home, without animation, is possible. But to not meet twenty kids running around screaming, you’ll have to prepare age-appropriate games. First, list the best games and activities for elementary school kids with your child. In our article you will find a lot of ideas to play at home.

Need more suggestions? A children’s karaoke, moldable balloons (see how to make a sword with a balloon, it’s simpler than it looks). If the party is for school-age children, you can organize a treasure hunt or a gim kana by preparing  everything at some time.  

Important: Think about preparing prizes for game winners (chuches, pencils, stickers). Also make sure that in the end all the children get something. Otherwise, you might encounter ten kids crying because they want their peers too.

If you want to bet on an original Kids Birthday Party At Home, you can organize a fantastic craft workshop.  Ask all children who sit around a large table or cushions on the floor to do a job to take home as a souvenir. Take note of our suggestions:

  1. Celebrate the best children’s birthday party safely

Eliminating all the dangers at home for  children is a fundamental part when it comes to hosting a birthday party at home. First check what risks may be in the face of possible childhood accidents: heavy tables that can be overturned, peak edges, objects that may fall, balconies, stairs, doors.

Tell the children when they get where they can’t go. For example, prevent them from entering the kitchen or going up to a second floor. Put security measures if necessary (a lock on the ladder if they are too small or stops on the doors so that your fingers are not caught). Of course, don’t leave balconies, terraces or windows open. If you have pets at home, you’d better be in a quiet area of the house or garden: dogs and cats can react badly to the noise children will make.


  1. Find helpers to organize the birthday party for children at home

Hosting a children’s birthday party is a great job! And on the day of the celebration, parents will be busy welcoming guests, chatting with other parents, bringing out drinks and much more. If there are no animators, you will need an assistant for the children to play. Ask a friend, other mom in the class, or a  good nanny  to help you with games and child supervision.

An hourly kangaroo  can be a valuable help: try finding a babysitter near home to help you at the party. It will cost much less than a professional animator, but it will help you keep the kids entertained. 

If you haven’t found the idea you were looking for yet, you can check out our post on how to organize a New Year’s Eve for kids. You’ll discover many suggestions that can fit a Kids Birthday Party At Home at any time of the year!

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